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Find the ideal environment in which you can feel at ease whether at work or at home

Sep 28

Tenet EC is well-liked choice for buyers looking to purchase the property because of its location near the Tampines North MRT Station. The MRT station that is brand new is located near several shops, including IKEA's COURTS megastore and Giant Food Centre.

Find the ideal place that will meet the requirements of the relatives and close friends. Tenet EC could be an area where families and friends are able to meet. Whatever you're looking for can be accomplished in a setting where you can feel comfortable whether at work or at home. It's simple to locate places to work or study. There are numerous places to choose from.

What are the reasons to purchase directly from an Developer
Choice Units
It's crucial to pick the best model. Because you're buying a property to be a part of for a lengthy period is essential, it is best not to buy the property which you'll regret once you move in.

the Lowest Cost
If you purchase directly from the developer and you'll be the initial owner of the property and this will assure you that the appreciation of your capital will continue to increase.

Potential Capital Appreciation
If you're looking to sell your property and upgrade to bigger units or cash out to fund other investments, purchasing straight with the developer is essential. Buy low and make a profit.

Tenet EC could possibly be next to sign up to the alliance, and form the first. The alliance could be formed sometime in the year the year 2022. Tenet EC was launched on 20th of February 2022. Users will be able to access the most recent technology and other services provided through Tenet EC.

North Tampines Town community is well-maintained and safe. Residents are active and productive in the community, but make the most of the opportunity to unwind and relax in this tranquil environment. Residents can benefit from a range of services and facilities within Tampines North Hub. Tampines North Hub will be able to become an hub in the coming months.

Tampines North Station and Tampines North Station Tampines North Station and Tampines North Station Integrated Transport Hub (ITH) that offers the best accessibility and mobility across the entire islands. Businesses are supported through Tampines North Station, Changi Business Park, Singapore Expo Convention Centre and Tampines North Station, as along with the well-established Tampines Regional Centre.

Tampines North EC is located at Tampines St 62 (Parcel A) An established estate that offers numerous facilities that are within walking distance including Coffee Shop, Poly Clinic and a school.